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    What is the difference between the "Classic" and "Super duty" ladders?

    Do you make wood or fiberglass ladders?

    Are your ladders repairable?

    Can I use your ladders for jobs other than orchard use?

    Do you offer an adjustable third leg for your ladders?

    Can I use your ladders on cement or asphalt?

    What is the black piece located on the inner rail of some of your larger super duty ladders?

    What is that red step found on your "SUPER DUTY" ladders for?

    What is a special use ladder?


    Can I buy direct?

    Are your dealer prices the same as your list prices?

    Do you offer discounts?


    How much does shipping cost?

    Can you ship your ladders UPS?

    What can I do to reduce my shipping charges?

    What if you do not have a dealer in my area?

    What do I need to know before receiving my ladder from the freight carrier?

    What would be considered a freight damaged ladder?

    What do I do if damage is discovered?

    What do I do if the damage was discovered only after the ladder was signed for?