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Repair Services Photo
Please fill out the form below and click SUBMIT. Upon receipt of your request, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to have your ladders repaired.

  • All inspections and repairs are performed at our facility in Strathmore, California.
  • All information submitted by you will be used exclusively to provide you with the additional service(s)
         you are requesting. Click here to view our privacy statement.
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    We are unable to repair other brands of orchard ladders. Please check before bringing them in to assure they are all Strathmore Brand Ladders, only.

    Ladder Type: Tripod    Straight/Citrus    Other   

    Quantity to be repaired:

    Will you be leaving a trailer? YES    NO
    Room for trailers is not always available. We will be happy to assist you in loading and unloading your ladders.

    Are your ladders marked with paint or other symbols? YES    NO
    If yes, please describe markings.


    Ladders are inspected and repaired. We will not repair or replace parts that are not broken or showing excessive or unsafe wear unless requested by you.

    Our current repair rates are $45.00 per hour, plus parts.

    We do not do quotes, as this is too time consuming on ladders. We will never repair a ladder that costs more than 1/2 the current list price of a new model without authorization by you.

    Some of your ladders may not be good candidates for repair and will be marked NON-REPAIRABLE:

    Would you like us to destroy and dispose of your NON-REPAIRABLE LADDERS?
    YES    NO  (I will dispose of them myself)


    Standard fee's apply.

    I would like all labels updated or replaced YES    NO
    This includes all standard labels plus a label indicating the date of repair/inspection.

    I would like labels to be in ENGLISH    SPANISH    BOTH    Not applicable

    I would like the red safety step added to my ladders if applicable YES    NO
    We replace the third step down from the top of the ladder with a red safety step clearly marking the DO NOT CLIMB area of the ladder. This is standard on all new ladders.

    I would like additional modifications performed to my ladders: (Please describe)

    Please clean my ladders if needed YES    NO  (I will make sure they are clean)
    We cannot work on ladders that are covered with mud, oil, sap, or excessive dirt or debris. Please make sure they are clean prior to bringing them or we will be happy to do it for you. Standard labor rates apply.

    PAYMENT METHOD (check one)
    VISA (Credit)  or VISA (Debit)
    MASTERCARD (Credit)  or MASTERCARD (Debit)
    Cash or Money Order
    Bill to my account   (For existing customers with an established account, only)

    Form of payment is required for us to accurately prepare your bill. Payment is not due until all work has been completed.


    By checking the box below, I hereby confirm that all the information I have provided is accurate and authorize Strathmore Ladder to perform the above listed services to my ladders. Furthermore, checking the box indicates I have read and accept all current terms and conditions listed below.

      * I AGREE


    Upon completion of the repairs to your ladders the total cost will be calculated and we will notify you by phone that your ladders are ready for pick-up. We will also email or fax your invoice to you at this time. You have 30 days from the invoice date to pick-up your ladders. After 30 days we assume no liability for lost, stolen, or damaged ladders. After 60 days we reserve the right to sell your ladders to recover the repair cost. We charge a storage fee of one dollar per ladder, per month, for every ladder left here after 30 days of notification. There is a minimum charge of $5.00 per month. We assume no liability on repairs made to your ladders. Your ladders even though repaired are still "USED" and should be inspected prior to each use as per manufacturers instructions and repaired or replaced as needed.

    Thank you for submitting this form, we will contact you shortly, to schedule an appointment.

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