What do I need to know before receiving my ladder from the freight carrier?

Unless stated otherwise by us your ladders will be shipped using a third party common carrier freight truck. We do our best to pick out reasonably priced carriers that have a good track record of customer service. Experience has taught us that in certain areas, some carriers provide better results than others. If you have a preference as to the carrier to be used, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please advise us at time of order if someone is available during normal business hours at your location to receive the product. If not, we can have the freight carrier contact you prior to delivery. Be sure that the contact phone number provided will be the best to reach you on during business hours.

We do not suggest authorizing release without someone being present to inspect for damage and verify the piece count. Should there be missing pieces or damage in this situation, you have no recourse.

Freight damage although not common, does occur from time to time, especially on out of state shipments. Always carefully inspect each ladder for damage prior to signing. Damage may be slightly concealed by packaging or just hard to see, so look carefully at each unit!

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